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Tax and Accounting Industry Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Companies or Industries does Butler & Miller, CPA provide services for?

We can service just about any industry. Companies and Industries we have experience providing services for include...

  • Builders & Sub-contractors
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Restaurants & Food Service Industry
  • Transportation Industry & Trucking Companies
  • Landscaping & Horticulture
  • Medical Staffing Industry
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Programmers and Develeopers

Does Butler & Miller, CPA provide services for Business' outside of Arizona?

Yes, We can provide Nation-wide service and have experience in dealing with many states.

Business Tax Valuation Questions

Why Is a Business Valuation Necessary?

Business Interests Often Represent a Significant Asset, A and a Value-Added Service... Click here see the details! »

How Can a Professional Valuation Consultant Help You?

Accurate Value Determination, Careful Analysis, Understanding the Business... Click here see the details! »

What Is Important in Selecting a Valuation Professional?

Education, Training, and Experience as well as Certification... Click here see the details! »